Overview Shepherd

We specialize in marketing with more than 300 clients all over the Arab Republic of Egypt. Where we distribute more than 20 areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt from north to south.
* We have more than 20 delegates with experience in marketing. Shepherd Company exclusively distributes all kinds of international and local products.


Shepherd imports from Poland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy and India.



In the field of export Shepherd Company in the field of export, where the export of canned food where it is exported at the factory price as well as the printing on the product to the issuers in terms of trademark and all the languages of the world. As well as packaging, the product and brand that the importer wishes to put on the product.

Shepherd is also keen to export foodstuffs to the health and legal conditions and requirements of any health certificates and legal papers to the importing countries in Africa, Europe and America.

EXPORT food in Europe

In the field of export foodstuff
Shepherd Company exports and imports foodstuffs and all agricultural crops
All of our products are subject to European specifications with papers, analyzes, and deal with all European, Arab and international countries

· Shepherd is committed to meet the legal requirements, regulations and requirements of the customer and any other requirements required such as the brand that the importer wishes to all its products and the like
· Shepherd Company operates on system No. 2002/178
To the European Parliament contracted on January 28, 2002 for its safety requirements for the legal foodstuffs and European bodies.